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    Robotic Servo Ladle

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    Aluminum Ladle and Pour

  • Part Extraction

  • Compact Footprint

Modern part designs are demanding better and better process control over the gravity die casting operation.  Precise die temperature control, exact shot sizes, and rapid model changeovers challenge the traditional methods.

Servo Ladle

Ladle (cleaned up)Kinemetrix die cast solutions include a servo ladle that acts as a 7th axis to the robot.  This allows the robot to manipulate the ladle in tight spaces and still achieve an accurate pouring motion.  Advantages include:

  • Reduced system size uses less floor space
  • More repeatable shot size
  • Easy shot size adjustment
  • Agile! Programmed to provide different shot sizes for different products.

Die Cast Machine

GC Machine 3x4Kinemetrix Die Cast Machines are custom engineered to accept your die.  Hydraulic actuators manipulate the die components as needed to close the mold cavity for pouring and open it to allow extraction.

The machines are carefully engineered to operate properly and reliably at temperature.

Die Temperature Control

Die Cooling 3x4Thermocouple inputs are provided so that die temperatures can be monitored by the cell control. Cooling circuits are provided based on the customer’s die design.  All circuits have independent water flow adjustments and are monitored by the cell control for temperature & flow rate.

Agile Die Change

Agile Die Change 3x4Kinemetrix Die Cast Machines are designed to allow rapid die change. The most time-consuming part of a die change is the adjustment of sensors & stops of the die motion system.  Kinemetrix uses analog feedback on the hydraulic actuators and a recipe management system on the control system to capture the setup for each die.  No adjustments to the die motion are required on changeover.

Robotic Extraction

Extraction 3x4Solidified parts are extracted robotically.  The use of foundry hardened robots allows handling into and out of quench tanks, if required, before placing on an outfeed conveyor.

Air or Water Quench

Tank & Conveyor 3x4Quench solutions can be designed to the needs of your part & process.  Extraction robots can transfer parts to an air quench process on a conveyor, rack or other queuing device.  Alternately, the parts can be transferred to a water quench tank for rapid cooling.  Quenching can be cold or hot water quench with careful temperature control.  Air drying can be incorporated into the tank as well.

Gate & Riser Saw

Flexible, high-speed saws can be added to your die casting cell.  Kinemetrix saws feature:

  • Robotic part handling accepts parts from upstream operations such as water quench
  • Hydraulic clamping units mounted on stationary or rotating tables
  • Multi-purpose holding tooling accommodates multiple product variations.
  • High speed, highly rigid spindles with variable speed drives
  • Cuts gates and risers from multiple sides of a part

Laser Part Marking

A laser marking unit can be integrated with the degating operation or built as a stand-alone unit.  Your product can be marked with:

  • 2D codes for traceability
  • Man-readable serial numbers and part numbers
  • Other markings that aid downstream operations.