• 3d-vision-for-robot-guidance-using-pick-it-soloman-canon-halcon-ir-vision-or-cognex

Manufacturers come to Kinemetrix to solve the toughest challenges in their plants.  The solutions to these problems are not found in a catalog.  Kinemetrix has developed mature processes to bring technologies from the laboratory onto the factory floor.

In addition to a large dedicated laboratory space, Kinemetrix devotes a significant portion of our engineering labor budget to R&D.  Areas of R&D activity include:

  • Machine Vision Hardware & Software
  • Special Mechanisms
  • Leak & Flow Testing
  • Board-level Electronics Solutions
  • Software Tools
  • Advanced Machining Methods

Where Science and Engineering Meet

PrintKinemetrix fosters a culture of continuous discovery.  Our engineers stay current with research publications and the work of academic laboratories so they can act as a bridge between science and engineering.  Capturing the advantages of new discoveries and delivering them to the manufacturing setting requires development effort.  Our engineers keep one foot in a lab and the other foot in the reality of your plant floor when leveraging new technologies.

Rapid Prototyping

3d-printer-in-lab-used-for-custom-optics-mechanisms-robot-eoatThe tools and habits of R&D allow Kinemetrix to minimize risk when tackling difficult projects. The prototyping of high-risk mechanisms and processes is embedded into our engineering cycle.  We can rapidly go from CAD to working prototype using our:

  • 3D Printer
  • Water Jet Cutter
  • Laser Cutter
  • CNC Press Brake
  • CNC Wire Bender
  • Machine Vision and Optics Lab

There are far fewer challenges to be solved at the end of the project if the risky elements have been tested in advance.