“The more profitable our customers become, the more successful we become. We are not happy until our customer is happy.”

—Jim Peyton

Jim Peyton founded Kinemetrix in 1995 with an absolute focus on serving the customer. We align our interests with the customers to focus on succeeding together. Our customers have responded with loyalty to Kinemetrix. These deep relationships allow the team to focus on putting the right equipment on the plant floor, providing our customers with an important competitive advantage.

An Experienced Team

Teaching a useful trade

The technical team at Kinemetrix is staffed with talented automation engineers and technicians. We hire intelligent people who are passionate about hands-on problem solving.

Our team can apply best-practice knowledge from hundreds of successful automation projects to your production need. Kinemetrix can implement the latest robotic and non-robotic automation in your plant. We’ll also know when a simpler solution is best.

Lean Manufacturing in Our Shop

fanuc-robot-assembly-5s-monozukuri-lean-visual-control-Lean Manufacturing practices guide everything we do at Kinemetrix.

  • Employees are cross-trained to increase our flexibility. Our machinists can wire a panel. Our robot programmers can assemble a conveyor.
  • Our overhead costs are kept low by eliminating work that does not add value. You can see examples of this in our streamlined purchasing system and our ability to send designs directly to our CNC machine shop for part production.
  • Our manufacturing facility is clean, safe and organized as a result of diligent visual control and 5s.

Lean Manufacturing in Your Shop

PrintIs your plant lean? Maybe yours is trying to get lean. Either way, you don’t have to explain lean to Kinemetrix.

Our automation solutions enhance lean production efforts. Our equipment design process focuses on reducing changeovers and increasing uptime. We have given our philosophy a name – Agile Automation. We believe in it so much that we put it in our logo. We invite you to read more about it.