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Kinemetrix Announces Expansion: Doubling Capacity to Empower Regional Manufacturing

Press Release:

LEXINGTON, KY – Kinemetrix, a pioneer in automated robotic manufacturing solutions, today unveils its plan for expanding its facility, team, and manufacturing capacity.

Strategic Growth and Investment

With a vision for the future, Kinemetrix announces a $3.5 million investment in facility expansion and state-of-the-art automated machining and fabrication equipment. This is the last step in a strategic plan to double capacity in all areas of the business by Q4/2024.

A Statement from Our Founder

Jim Peyton, President of Kinemetrix, shares his insights: “Since our last major expansion, we’ve continued quietly building strong internal teams and deep customer relationships. It’s now time to move to the next level of scale. We’re growing along with our market-leading customers and building additional capacity to serve the accelerating manufacturing growth in our region.“

Catalyzing Regional Manufacturing

This expansion is more than an increase in size; it’s about supporting the rapidly growing manufacturing ecosystem in the Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio region. Kinemetrix is well-positioned to support manufacturers in the southeast USA and along the I-75 corridor. Clients benefit from the proximity and expanded capabilities.

A Call to Action

Kinemetrix invites manufacturers with larger projects to make contact before looking outside the region or internationally. For technical professionals seeking a dynamic career path, Kinemetrix offers an opportunity to be part of an innovative team with a unique always-learning culture. To our existing team, this expansion is a recognition of your hard work and dedication.

About Kinemetrix

Since its inception in 1995, Kinemetrix has been a leader in robotic automation and advanced manufacturing solutions, committed to innovation and lean manufacturing principles. For further information, visit: or contact Chris Gullo, Business Development Manager, at 859-940-3929 /