The  reality of building custom automation equipment is that it often means shipping the prototype. Getting the design right the first time is essential to managing technical and schedule risks. In this post, we share how Kinemetrix uses virtual reality technology in our custom machine design process to create consistently high-performance factory automation systems. We invite you to enjoy this video on the topic:

Virtual Reality VR tech for Custom Machine Design, Fanuc robots, 3D vision guided

Key Benefits:

  • Optimized workspace and maintenance access points. Our machine footprints are the smallest in the industry.
  • Placement of user controls, load/unload points, and safety barriers minimize wasted motion.
  • We study lines of sight so that the operator can see important machine functions from one location, at a glance.

And our customers practicing lean principles appreciate the designed-in visual control, quick changeovers, and minimal floorspace.

Anyone who has spent time in 3D CAD knows the sense of scale can get lost. For the engineer, that tiny mechanism the size of a sugar cube or a structure that fills a semi-trailer both become…the size of your screen. Kinemetrix adopted 3D solid modelling, at its inception in the 90’s, as a design power-tool. And VR is a natural extension of 3D modelling. Our engineers and customers immerse themselves physically in the machine design, at scale, leading to higher quality automation equipment.

Stay tuned for more on how Kinemetrix is equipped to make your most challenging projects successful.

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