Kinemetrix | Supports Lexington, Kentucky Little League

You’ve been bombarded with provocative news headlines for months. Here’s a little break.

Kinemetrix has been privileged to support youth sports in the Lexington, Kentucky area over the years. Recently, at a nail-biting end of season little league game, in the silence between windup and pitch, something became very clear.

On the baseball field, there was more economic, religious, and ethnic diversity than nearly any sphere of adult life. Yet there was no drama. No politics. There was camaraderie, even between competing teams. And for a couple of hours the sky was, somehow, not falling.  The red team and the blue team came together to enjoy a sunny day playing baseball.

I think there’s a lesson in there somewhere. Left to nature, most folks manage to find common ground and get along reasonably well. If there’s anyone to be watchful of, let it be those working to divide us.

Special thanks to the volunteer coaches everywhere, specifically Lexington, Kentucky Western Little League, for making a positive difference.