Power Interface2019 was a year of unprecedented activity, innovation, and growth. The automotive industry is reinventing itself toward electrification, driving the adoption of new materials, processes, and design architectures.

For the customers we serve, the current landscape is creating abundant opportunity, and risk.  Fortunately, scaling novel, prototype-scale processes into robust manufacturing systems is at the core of what we do. 

Here’s a page summarizing some of the technologies we’ve developed to help customers succeed in EV traction motor and ECU / Inverter assembly:

Electric Vehicle Assembly

Thanks to the great folks at Assembly Magazine, Charged EV, and Autonomous Vehicle Tech for covering recent developments:

Assembly Magazine:

Agile Automation System Assembles Automotive Inverters

Charged EV

Kinemetrix develops automated manufacturing with 3D-guided welding for EV components

Autonomous Vehicle Tech:

 New EV module manufacturing process to reduce part failures, increase efficiency

We look forward to helping more manufacturers succeed as vehicle electrification trends accelerate.