• Pressure Leak & Flow Tests

  • Functional Testing

  • Automate existing test stands

Built into an assembly machine or as a stand-alone solution, automated inspection & testing ensures adherence to your quality requirements.

In-process inspections & tests verify an operation before material moves to the next step.  In a fully automated system, passing all of the in-process inspections provides the OK to ship.

When a mixture of manual and automated steps exists, a Final Inspect & Test system is sometimes used to verify function or key characteristics before the part is released to ship.

A variety of inspection & testing methods are available for use at any step in the process.

Presence / Absence

Hole Verification 3x4The simplest test: is a feature or part present?    If the part/feature is present the operation continues. If the part/feature is absent, the exception can be caught and managed.   This inspection can be done with fixed sensors or vision systems.

Dimensional Test

Duck Bill Inspect 3x4It is hard to make a good assembly from a bad part.  Reduce process variation by verifying incoming component against a tolerance using contact or non-contact methods.

In-process checks on formed parts or final inspections of finished assemblies can be performed.  Checks are done for proper size & shape.


Insect Inspection 3x4Some processes require sorting items into classes based on their physical characteristics.  This can range from grading materials to something more unusual like the classification and sorting of insects.

Torque & Force Monitoring

Press Force Curve 3x4Mechanical fastening is a secure assembly method, but still subject to variation.  Monitoring torque & position while driving a bolt, or force & position while pressing components, ensures that the assembly was completed correctly.

Servo nut drivers, servo presses, load cells, and linear encoders are some of the tools we use to monitor mechanical fastening.

Flow & Leak Tests

Flow Testing 3x4Products that are welded or assembled with seals often need to be verified using flow and/or leak test.  Kinemetrix will provide the testing circuit that your product requires:

  • Hold positive pressure or vacuum and measure flow
  • Maintain a flow and measure pressure or vacuum
  • Simple-pressure or differential-pressure decay for leak detection

Functional Test

Functional Test 3x4Many mechanical assemblies require a functional test before shipment.  These tests can be automated as a standalone machine or integrated into the assembly process.  Examples of functional tests include:

  • Range of Motion
  • Operational Force or Torque
  • Electrical Testing