Kinemetrix Engineers are expert in industrial robotics.  Multi-axis robots are a pillar of our Agile Automation philosophy.  Robots provide a level of flexibility and adaptability to machine design that is not easily achieved otherwise.

Some important ways that robots empower better system designs include:

  • 2D and 3D Vision guidance allows fixture-less handling
  • Ability to track moving conveyors for picking & placing parts
  • Handle multiple part varieties with no operator changeover
  • Easily reorientation of parts for loading sequential operations

A Size for Every Job

Fanuc-Robots-with-human 3x4Whether it’s picking up a watch spring or a car body, there is a robot for the task.  Robots are available with payloads from 0.5 kg to 2,300 kg.  At every size, deploying a multi-axis robot provides superior flexibility, more freedom in system concept, fast deployment, high performance and high reliability.

Collaborative Robots

fanuc-collaborative-robot-CR35 3x4We now have the ability to provide systems with inherently safe robots working side-by-side with humans.  Fanuc’s CR series of robots bring the necessary accuracy, reliability and payload to application segment.

Safety Functions

  • Stops safely when it comes in contact with a human operator.
  • Safe and gentle green cover reduces impact forces and pinch points by providing a soft barrier between a human operator and the robot arm.
  • Certified to meet the requirements of international standard ISO 10218-1

Authorized System Integrator

FANUC-Robot-System-Integrator-ASI-logoThe advances in robot hardware and software capability are moving at a fast pace.  Optimal system designs require knowledge of all the capabilities of a robot.  Kinemetrix has made a commitment to Fanuc Robotics to maintain a deep level of product knowledge.  We also have a long track record of trouble-free system launches for our customers.  In turn, Fanuc has made Kinemetrix an Authorized System Integrator for their products.

Visit the Fanuc Robotics website to learn more about our partner.